How to make Radio Restream on NET

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MusicToday i have a little strange query from my collegs, lot of people what to have listen Radio station from net.

Yeeh of course its very simple open the Winamp and play it.

But i what to restream all station and with background services, how can i make this?

Easy, lets see what you are need for this.

Try to cook :

1. Download the IceCast2  (

2. Downloa dteh folowing  StreamTranscoder(

3. Intall all and add check run on Sevices option for both.

4. Open StreamTranscoder, put the URL what do you stream, increase teh encoder from 0 to 1 , Click 2 times on the apeared new Encoder, edit this.

5. Open The IceCast configure form the Configure menu point, look for the common settings

with StreamTransencoder and change this.

6. Start IceCast after this Stream Transencoder.

7. Try to listen on the setted port by default 8000

8. If do you dont have OGG player try this XmPlay(

9. If all its works, close all and open the Windows Services Windows (Run – > services.msc) and start the both services (Icecast, StremTranscoder)

10. Enjoy teh sounds 😉