How to reset the Network Configuration on Windows XP

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IP reset Yeh, again a litle how to.

Some weeks ago i have some troubles with my Network Adapter Configuration after i clear my Registry.

First look for simptoms:

My PC dont recive teh DHCP address

I open the Status and i see that all traffic is 0, ofcourse Receive 0 and Send 0 .

I cannot reset the Network Configuration, i dont reset anything from Windows Interface.

I don t ENABLE/ DISABLE my Local Area Connection

Huh is very terrible , I dont have NET. No panic the help is in the power of the console of the Windows OS.

Now open the cmd promtp. (Start->Run-> cmd [ENTER])

For reset the all INTERFACES put this:

netsh interface reset

For reset the IP configuration (Reffering here for the LAN)

netsh interface ip reset c:\resetlog.txt

Wow, what is the resetlog.txt output file, its only the result of reset command, here you can see the command what is applied to your Registry Settings.

Suft with the good INTERNET