How to Git + Visual Studio 2008 + Vista

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Today i try to find some “CLOUD” solution for my Software Development problems.
Sometimes i have some ideas to develop and happens to need to work at home (workaholics).
Note: The following solution is not recommended if you are work on PROPRIETARY codes.
I recommended ONLY for OpenSource Developmet.

What you are need:
1. Microsoft Visual Studio 2005 or 2008
2. – free storage for project (open codes + 300MB limit)
3. The GIT Version Control software (
4. 1 Cup Kaffe or Tea

1. Microsoft Visual Studio

I hope you are have the IDE installed, if not, can you try the NEXT – NEXT installation.


Wherry easyli can you crete account. Just follow the page recomadations.

Personally i created a free account.

3. Install the GIT.

Go to GIT page and download the preffered , in my case the Windows, version.

Ah, befor i forgot, you are need the PUTTY software collection. Exaclty you are need the followings:

Pageant, Plink, PuTTYgen. The other is optional but recomanded. If you are novice use the setup version.

Some installation notice:

a. Select the Studio Integration and the BASH command prompt installation

b. Use the PUTTY option and not the OpenSSH (maybe you have some trouble, but is more easy to use the code generations)

c. Follow the installer instructions.

4.  Configure the GIT.

Start the GIT Extensions program (Start->ALL Programs …)

a. Find the Settings menu and select the Settings option

b. On Global Setting Tab add a user name and the email address.

c. On the Checklist Tab verify the requirements and Save & Rescan button.

5. Generate the Public/Private key.

Start the Puttygen application. Generate a key with moving the mouse in the key area. On the finish you can add a Comment and password for this keys.

For save some notice:

a. ) need to save in the following folder C:\User\%USERNAME%\.ssh on VISTA & 2008 & 2007 and in the C:\Documents & Setting\%Username%\.ssh on Windows XP

b.) for the PUBLIC key name use:

c.) for teh PRIVATE key name use: id_rsa (ATTENTION withou the .pkk extension, i dont now but the GITExtension appliation don’t  find the private key file in this format)

d.) Copy paste and Save the Generated key in id_rsa

6. Add the Public key to GITHUB

a.) Need to Log in in the gitHUB page and set the Public key. You can choise betwen the GLOBAL key and the Project key.

b.) For Global open the ACCOUNT menu point and add to SHH PUBLIC key Zone your Generated Public Key.

c.) For the Project SSH key go to next steep.

7. Create a NEW Project

Its very easy to create a project. On the Welcome page you have a menu, please create one with use this.

a.) after you are created the Project on the RIGHT side of the Welcome page you are see this. Click on this Project (By example MYPROJECT)

b.)  You have the information for connecting and use the GIT HUB repos

c.) Click on the little LUPE icon (near the smail, the left one), its apearing a toolbar menu. Select the ADMIN tab

d.) Here can you add the Project Specific PUBLI KEY, Paste it.

8. GET the GIT repos LOCAL copy and begin the work.

a.) Open again the Git Extensions, now on the first page apears 3 buttons. Select the Clone existing repository.

b.) Copy form the GITHUB the link to you repo (ex: and paste in the Repository to Clone field

c.) Specify the Local Store Path of you repository (common name is Sandbox) on the Destination field

d.) Click on the LOAD SSH KEY button and select the id_rsa file with teh PRIVATE KEY, next specify the Password and click on the CLONE Button.

e.) I hope is works.

9. Create the project in VisualStudio.

Open the Visual Studio 2008, Create a new project in the before Specified Sandbox path.

After this you can see GIT menu in Studio IDE and now can use the GIT plugin with all Source Control posibilities.

10. How to use GIT in studio.

Ok, i write in some days a new Post about this.