Useful site #1: IT Cheat sheets recomanded to have

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packetlife On the web surfing, i find the following very useful site:

Why i recommand? Because it’s a very structured and clear chats from the dayli IT departments works. Ofcours you are find a very good and interesting technical blog articles abouth experience in routing, networking and some others.

You are find some cheats for keep in mind in:

  1. Protocols (BGP, EIGRP, First Hop Redundancy, IEEE 802.11 Wireless, IEEE 802.1X, IPsec, IPv4 Multicast, IPv6, IS-IS, OSFP, Spanning Tree),
  2. Applications (tcpdump, Wireshark Display Filters),
  3. Reference(Common Ports, IP Access Lists, Subnetting),
  4. Syntax (Markdown, MediaWiki ),
  5. Technologies(MPLS, Quality of Service, VLANs ),
  6. Miscellaneous (Cisco IOS Versions, Physical Terminations )

You can download from here the all cheats downloaded at 27.05.2009

Download all cheat sheets