Story with Siemens Hipath 3500

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siemens_logoIn the last weekend i have a nice story with Siemens HiPath 3550 Phone Center. Ago 3 month i recommended to management to buy some new air condition equipments in the server room. Of course the management decided that only 1 place is ideal for the new equipment the wall (A), but, under this Air conditioner is installed on the wall (A) the HiPath center with all cables from the different phone line providers.

The story beginning with the decisions making, sometimes, i don’t now why the people that working on management believes that knows all about infrastructures, security, it and so more.

Currently this final decision of this people make me very happy in last Sunday.

Whats happens?

Of course that the Air condition equipment is wrong installed and have a little problems. The watter begins with time to make own way to inside and of course what to penetrating in my Siemens HiPath Phone Center.

This happens Sunday, i thing some mililiters leaves the AirConditioner and begins to migrate to HiPath. The HiPath very quickly turn off himself.

I have two coise:

  1. wait 2-3 weeks for Siemens assistance
  2. repair myself.

I chose the second options, i beginning the operation. Demounting the Siemens Hipath from the wall, getting out the cables and with the box i going to my office.

After i disassemble the Box, i verified where the water is make own way. Luckily i fund only in the Power module. Of course disassemble in parts and with Air Compressor and hot air i make it clean.

I’m very surprised with the inside of this Power Module is very nicely and logically constructed with lot of safety options. bravo for the Siemens Engineers ( its very different watch i see in the Siemens medical equipments – here i found some brain activities ;))

So after i reassemble the Hipath i try to put in functions, finally it is works :D.

I share with you some Photos about event.