Self repair: hack my mobile phone back to live

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v630i_phoneToday i have a wrong and long day. Of course is “Monday”. But my Sony Ericsson V630i Vodafone version.
My problem is very hard because this Phone i use for personal and for bussines (company) communication. This phone supporting the Dual Number Service from Vodafone with 1 SIM card.

So i cannot send to service, is out of the 2 year  guaranty. Don’t have time to send to service and replace. Don’t what to change (I wait the Android version 😉 )

So what can i do, hack and relive myself.

The Symptoms

1. The Phone is DEAD

2. Flashing RED light on the top of phone.

3. No reaction for keypress, start or charging.

Posible Solutions:

1. Battery is not charged (last night i charged full 100%)

2. EROM is DEAD or errored. This last is my problem.

Resolv the problem:

1. Google (thaks for indexing :D)

2. This page (link)

3.  10-15 minuts

How to:

1. Download the SE2Tool lite (link)

2. Download the USB driver for your phone (link) for manual install or get from this page

3. Install the USB driver

4. Unpack the Se2Tool Lite (NOTE: the antivirus software maybe alert you about the virus but it is normal)

5. Get the USB Cable and the phone near you.

Let’s start the Operation

1. Remove your Battery from Phone

2. Insert the Battery back

3. In the SE2Tool Lite  Select your Phone type

4. Click on the UNLOCK/REPAIR button

5. Put the  USB cable in your Phone after it in your PC

6. Press on the PHONE the 2+5 +C keys.

7. Wait some seconds until the software finishing the REPAIR operation.

8. get out the USB cable from phone and Start the phone.

Files to download: