How to enable Vmware ESXi SSH console

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vmware_logo3Some steps to enable the SSH console on Vmware ESXi 4:

  1. ALT + F1
  2. Input the following word: unsupported
  3. Input the ROOT password: ******
  4. After the get the console input the following command to edit the inetd.conf file  :   vi /etc/inetd.conf
  5. Search the line where begins with #ssh stream tcp . Uncomment this.
  6. Save the File with CTRL + I and put the wq command
  7. Restart the (/usr/sbin/ restart)
  8. Verify the onetd process (ps | grep inetd)
  9. You are get a PID for the running inetd and type this command:
    kill -HUP  <PID>, where the <PID> is the number from the previous command.
  10. Try to connect to server ;).