File name Upload problem in Vaadin

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vaadin I find a very interesting bug in Vaadin 6.0.  When i want to Upload a file use Firefox 3.5, Safari 4 or IE 8 the Vaadin Upload methode cannot handle the filename problems.

When i get the filename of the uploaded file i receive something like this: c:\MyPath\Dev\test_file.csv.

Interesting is that in Chrome this problem is handled and i can get the real file name test_file.csv.

Because i find this that is a real problem ( i decide in december to resolve it.

So lets see my solution:

Probably you are use the some Upload Receiver that implement the Receiver class.



So the solution give by Vaadin in 6.2 have some troubles (you finded? try it). With this i eliminate every problems with parsing the file name and the incorrect string structure.