Review for Vaadin and Java development.

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vaadin In the last year i begin to develop a website for SpeedCam management and for interact with the Company for why i work IPhone Project (iSpeedCam).
I decided to select a good platform for UI development and of course to try something new in may daily task, decided to code the portal on Java.


1. Vaadin 6.0 (currently updated to 6.2)
2. Eclipse 3.4 for development
3. Tomcat 6.5 for server
4. JPA EclipseLink plugin
5. MySql 5.0
6. GWT (Gogole Web Toolkit)
7. Online SVN storage (Thanks for i recommand it. After 2 month of works never have problems.)

The development was very nice, i like to work with Eclipse, i’m use from the first version, for PHP, C, Java development and of course for create Rich Client Platform.

But first time i think to create some application and try the Cloud Computing on Google App Engine. But i dropped the idea because i’m the system admin and i can do to support the Tomcat server :D. Sometimes its good to know the SysAdmin parts and can develop.

Advantage of Vaadin:

1. Rapid UI development
2. Strong architecture.
3. Good documentation
4. Very usefull for Intranets
5. Secure sessions.
6. Easy works with own Themes
7. Perfect for Object Oriented development and Component Oriented Development for UI
8. Rendering the UI with GWT.

The problems in Vaadin:

1. SEO – don’t support
2. Because its free sometime with bugs, but rapidly can you solve the problems (overwrite the class)
3. Sometimes its not easy to integrate with other Closed code packages.

Compare to other languages frameworks:

I think now with my advanced PHP developer experience. I don’t like to work with Java for web development because its not very RAD supported.
I compared this with the feeling to work with Codeigniter, CakePHP, Zend Frameworks. For the UI its amazing and powerful.
Really i cannot make very good comparative with the .NET platform, because the frameworks with i used its not in same level, its very bellow. So i skip it the .NET. (Here i don’ talk about, XAML code or the ASP.NET support of the Microsoft, i would to compare with another NON Microsoft created products. FYI: the Silverlight have some very serious limitations)

Finally i can say this package its very good.