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Hy my name is Veres Levente. Off course this is my Real Not my virtual name.

Sometimes the people ask, why you open again a stupid blog or asking you dont have nothing to make with your time.

Always answer: im so active and speedy that i need to make something in every second. Yes, i know the medical diagnostics is, you are terible, you are hyperactive. But i like this.

So, this is my knowlege base book, i try to write in every day something interested in my life, in my work or in mind.

Something about my:

OfficeI work for Codespring LTD , currently im Sysadmin and manage 50 people life, i magae Linux, Windows based servers and sometimes Mac stations. My IT knowledge with time becoming very large, in my free time im programing and testing new programing languages or try different virtualizations technologie. I like to programing on follow languages : PHP, C, C#, Java and sometimes bash like languages. For my detailed CV dowload the pdf.

Let’s begin to read this Site/blog/knowlege base

Good reading,

Bergermanus (the man from the mounts)

My last CV_upated in 2010.03

My last CV_upated in 2009.05